26 Рhоtos of ‘Suрermоdel Cаts’ Тhat Knоw Нow to Strikе a Posе

The Internet is full of cats. It’s the purr-fect place for all cat lovers to find everything feline that brings joy to the heart.

Did you know there’s a group on Reddit called ‘The Supermodel Cats?’ Once you’ve signed up you get the chance to post beautiful pictures of your kitty looking glamorous, and need I say it, just like a supermodel.

You have to admit that cats do a very good job of posing, they seem to know the right way to tilt their head, the right way to flick their floofy tail and generally know how to right way to act in front of the camera. It’s no surprise they use a catwalk in fashion shows, cats are the ultimate posers!

Just scroll down and take a look at this stunning collection of kitties looking beautiful, majestic and at ease. They’ll give any model a run for her money on the catwalk!

1. Reinhardt the Siberian Forest cat and his floofy tail


2. Let’s hear it for all the disabled supermodel cats out there! This is my blind boy, Eli


3. Flerken knows where to find the light


4. Majestic

5. The regal cat


6. Sometimes I see a cute cat and I lose it on just how cute they are


7. Hi there little one


8. I love how the sunlight brings out the green in my kitty’s eyes


9. The flat cat


10. This kitty is far prettier than any human I’ve ever seen


11. Simply beautiful


12. My mom says that my kitty is ugly, I think she’s wrong, meet Cheeto


13. On the right, dress by Zac Posen. On the left, Furr by De Gato!


14. They don’t work, but our kitty has the most beautiful eyes


15. They tried to put me on the cover of Vogue, but my fur was too fluffy


16. Dina the Russian Blue is so beautiful


17. A rural kitty


18. Gorgeous cato


19. Looking through the eyes of love


20. Happy catty in the snow


21. Eyebrows


22. She’s pretty and she knows it


23. When we rescued our kitty from the Humane Society he was shaved and looked like a mangy cat, little did we know he was actually a majestic Norwegian Forest cat


24. Eyes. Whiskers. Face


25. I can’t believe there are people that don’t like cats, they’re amazing little bundles of beauty


26. Smoothie

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