Тhe Кitten Was Рulled From Аnother Рlanet Аnd Is Now А Gorgeous Siamese

Director of Mini Cat Town in San Jose, California, Laura Maylon, acquired a little kitten. Yeti, a youngster, was an abandoned orphan who was filthy and flea-ridden when he was found by animal rights activists.

The young Yeti attempted to eat with what little power he had despite his condition. The kitten had a strong determination to survive and was immediately apparent to be a warrior.

He needed to gain muscle because his weight was lacking. Although it is unknown what happened to his mother and siblings, the kitten persisted in fighting and managed to survive against all difficulties.

Laura washed him and treated for problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The kitten found it difficult to eat, so he was fed through a syringe every couple of hours.

“I carefully dripped the mixture on his tongue and waited until he swallowed a little,” says Laura.

Proper care, good food and a warm bed, a soft toy for the company – and now, the baby cheered up.

Finally, the Yeti managed to grab hold of the nipple on the bottle. It was progress: the boy was able to swallow food on his own, which he did with great zeal.

“He grabbed a pacifier. My first reaction was: wait! Slow down!”.

Yeti appeared to be revived after consuming copious amounts of food. He could support himself on his paws and even started playing with a cozy blanket.

The youngster gained weight, made progress, and become more active every day on a string of big meals.

“At the time of feeding, I had to wake him up, and he would make a quiet meow. Now he is waiting for me at the door and demands food, ”writes Laura.

Thanks to the heroic appetite, the kitten quickly grew in size and fluffiness.

“He is no longer satisfied with food, potty and return to the incubator. Now he needs to do some exploratory circles on the floor.”

Yeti always seems to know when it’s time for dinner – he begins to patiently look at his guardian while waiting for food to be served.

Having had his fill, he plays and crawls like a paratrooper, honing his new feline skills.

“Yeti is very cute. It blooms, full of curiosity and affection, – says Laura. It’s unbelievable how strong this guy is! He eats for three and stubbornly hobbles on his childish legs.

The kitten’s Siamese color on his paws and nose appeared brighter as it grew and developed, and his personality looked to be in full bloom.

He needed a little more time to adjust to solid food, but like many bottle-fed kittens, he performed well.

From a young age, the Yeti had an accompaniment in the form of a plush toy (Puppy), in the arms of which he spent every quiet hour.

When the time came for adoption, the guardians knew that the Yeti and the Pup should stay together.

After a difficult childhood and obstacles (in the form of illness) to recovery, the Yeti cat is healthy and mature enough to set foot in a new life.

The family of one of the Mini Cat Town volunteers fell in love with this little guy.

When the youngster was prepared to expand his wings and soar away, he took the puppy with him to a new residence. There, the magnificent kitty rapidly adapted to it and dozed off with the toy for an extended period of time.

Now the persistent cat is quite large, luxurious Siamese.

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