23 Аdoрtion Picturеs That Shоw Нow Lоve and Саre Can Сhаnge the Life of a Cаt

Did you know that over 3.2 million cats enter American animal shelters every year and sadly only about 1.6 million of those are adopted.

A lot of these animals have been rescued from terrible circumstances, it’s sad really, sometimes it’s just because the owners were simply no longer capable of looking after them. But in those numbers there is a big gap, people need to be made more aware about neutering their animals because they just isn’t the space to look after unwanted kittens.

But there is always hope on the horizon, there is a lovely Subgroup on Reddit entitled “before and after adoption.” It’s a place for animal lovers to share their hemotional stories of rescuing animals in need, many times adding a photo or two to their story.

It’s heartwarming to see all the before and after pictures of cats that have spent their early lives in not very good circumstances. Thankfully there are kind people out there that are willing to take the chance on giving these kitties the chance at a better life.

What a difference a bit of love and care can make to an abandoned or mistreated animal.

Matthew Bershadker, President of the ASPCA says: “Helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes requires a commitment from all of us—advocates, pet owners, shelters, leaders, and entire communities. When we work together under a common cause, we’re both saving lives and elevating our society and its laws to ensure cruelty victims and other at-risk animals receive the protection and care they deserve.”

Scroll down to see some truly heartwarming pictures and stories of rescued cats that were given the chance to have a better life. They will truly touch your heart and leave you with a warm feeling inside.

1. After spending six months in a shelter I thought he would never get adopted because he has FIV. Now he’s been my buddy for over a year and he’s living the best life

2. It’s been a year and the change in my kitty is awww-mazing


3. I took a chance and decided to re-habilitate this boy instead of letting him be put down. One of the best decisions of my life


4. What a foster home can do for a sick cat – now Misza is enjoying his retirement after being a neglected feral for 15 years


5. Toby and Quinton were rescued together and adopted as a bonded pair. Toby has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and Quinton was toothless.


6. Eight years ago these triplets were born. From bottle feeding every three hours to beautiful lazy babies. Bob, Possum and Arwyn made me the crazy cat lady I am today


7. Before and after, what a transformation!


8. Bones had some issues with with ringworm when we first found him, but he’s all better now


9. A local vet treated this rescued stray from a bad case of fungus and ring worm a few months ago. Just look at her now…


10. Our kitty was already an adult in the photo on the left, the photo on the right is six months later


11. My mom is a realtor. She went to show an empty house and found that the previous owners had left something behind…


12. I’m so happy with her progress

13. Two months ago I found him mangled, he’d probably been run over and was almost dead due to dehydration. Vets had to amputate one of his front leg legs and tail. Today we finally took off the cone of shame and let him chill with us on the bed


14. This is Rey when I found her on the street and then at one-year-old. Good job baby girl!


15. Two months of love completely changed Mr. Biscuits


16. Found this girl in November 2019


17. From being found in our shed two years ago with wounds, the vet believes were from the coyote, to yesterday a happy healthy house kitty. Meet Chip!


18. I found this kitten dumped in the middle of the road too weak and hungry to get to safety. The photo on the right is what is six days of cuddles by the fireplace, lots of food and a cosy bed can do


19. When we got Hilda she was very underweight after having recently given birth. Somewhere in the last six months she turned into a long-haired beauty queen!


20. Apollo has given us just as much as we have been able to give him…


21. Two years ago today I walked into a PetSmart and met a cat named Sonny


22. So much more healthier and happier…


23. Here is a then and now picture of my best friend. I was told he will like these kind of stories

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