Мeеt Сlеo Who Loоks Like A Girаffe With Insаnelу Lоng Neсk Аnd Lеgs

You can find many dogs out there that have unbelievable features. These make them special and may also shake humans around them a little. Cleo, a Silken Windhound in this story is an example. She has an insanely long neck and legs, making him look like a giraffe.

People usually think of a giraffe when seeing Cleo’s photos. She owns an Instagram account and has gained 23k followers over a short period of time. They have named her Cleo Long Legs. What an adorable name!

The tall Cleo is currently living happily in Wisconsin, along with her Borzoi sibling. She is a playful and goofy dog that has brought tons of smiles and laughs for her family. If you are looking for dog pics that can boost your mood faster than a rocket, just give these a look.

“Cleo is a year and a half old, and she’s from WindNSatin breeders located in Ohio! We got her when she was about six months old, and she has lived with us and our borzoi happily ever since,” the dog’s owner, Clare said.

1. “Who is ringing the bell? It’s not the time mom comes back home from work.”


2. She just looks like a supermodel on a magazine cover. Perfect!


3. “Mom told me to pose a smile for my profile picture. Here is what I do. Am I pretty?”


4. “The scenery here is so beautiful. I will tell mom to bring me back here again.”


5. “Do you have any gift for me after your business trip?”


6. “I know that I have really a long neck and legs.”


7. “Is there any better way to keep me warm during the winter days?”


8. “Mom’s finished baking cake. I need to come to the kitchen to see a bit.”


9. “Elegant girl!”


10. “The movie is interesting. I can watch it again and again.”


11. “Huh? you are saying that you will leave home 3 days for business trip?”


12. “This is the very first time that I have come to the beach. The air, the water, and the sand all look good.”


13. “I’m a tall girl and I’m pretty proud of my height.”


14. “This is my favorite spot to relax. It’s would be better if there was some snack served alongside.”


15. “Think of what I have done today before going to sleep.”


16. Nice photo!


17. “I feel like I’m doing a photoshoot at a studio.”


18. “You guys, look! This is my very new sweater.”


19. “I just feel bored today.”


20. “Are we having a walk to our local park right now? Perfect!”


21. ” I have really long legs that get many other furry guys jealous of.”


22. “Who is this place, mom? I’m a bit scared.”


23. “I’ve just taken a bath.”


24. “This is me and my sibling. Who is cuter?’


25. “This chair fits me perfectly.”


26. “I love laying at the window and looking at humans and traffic passing by.”


27. “Are you calling me, mom?”


28. “This is how I enjoy my leisure time. Lay down on the sofa and watch my favorite films.”


29. “Someone is coming to my home. I need to do inside to tell mom.”

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