Meеt Fаt Xiаng, The Sleeрy Chоnk That Becоmes A Mеme

Fat Xiang(Lucky) lives in Taiwan. His owner jokingly calls him the sleepy influencer.

Fat Xiang was injured when he fought with other strays on the street.

Neighbours brought him to the vet, it turns out he has FIV and lost almost all his teeth.

His owner said they’re super lucky to adopt him in 2016 as he’s nice and cool with everything, “like an angel”.

He now lives with another senior cat named Shuai (Handsome). Shuai’s original owner passed away in 2019.

Fat Xiang is not a munchkin, he’s just short.

He basically sleeps everywhere.







Sometimes he chills with Shuai.


“Let meow go!”

Despite doing nothing but sleeping, he’s still tired.

Honestly, same, catto. Same.


“My spot is being occupied!”

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