Stray Кitten ‘Roars’ Нer Way Оut Оf Нiding Аnd Into Сushy New Life

A stray kitten “roared” her way out of hiding and into a cushy new life.

About two months ago, Emilie, an animal rescuer, was contacted about a pair of kittens needing urgent help.

“A friend reached out to me after she found a kitten in critical condition. Sadly, he didn’t make it, but I learned that his littermates were still out there. They had been living under the porch of someone’s house,” Emilie shared with us.

Without hesitation, Emilie headed over to the whereabouts, and immediately noticed two younglings huddled behind trees in the yard.

Emilie was able to pick up the grey kitten easily, whereas the ginger one wasn’t as cooperative. She decided to take refuge back in her hideout, but poked her head out when she smelled something irresistible.

“She was frightened and ran back under the porch, but as soon as I offered her food she gave me a little meow, and I was able to scoop her up. I think at that moment, she knew she could trust me.”

The two were in rough shape and covered in fleas. Emilie brought them home, got them all cleaned up and treated, and gave them a comfortable place to nestle in.

The kittens were tuckered out on their new blankets, and fell fast asleep snuggled up to each other, with full bellies.

“Since they were hidden behind trees, I named the orange girl, Juniper, and the grey tortie girl, Willow.”

After a few days of TLC and lots of fattening up, Juniper, the scaredy kitty, turned into a full-blown chatterbox. With her newfound energy, she began to “roar” at her foster mom at feeding time, because, in her mind, food can never be served fast enough.

She became quite the attention-seeker and would run the gamut of meows from silent ones to loud screams.

The persistent ginger tabby would continue vocalizing her “needs” until she got what she wanted.

As Juniper grew into a young cat, she discovered her penchant for lap time and obsession with the ripple play rug. She also realized that being a velcro-kitty comes with many perks–endless petting, smooching, and more attention.

She likes to stare into her human’s eyes until they cave into her power of persuasion.

The feline sisters are now in tip-top shape, each with an endearing personality–a contrast to how they were on day one. Not only have they gained a great deal in size but also plenty in strength.

Juniper, the rambunctious ginger cat, has a lot to say and always plays her heart out.

After all the rumbling and tumbling, she will seek out her foster mom for some one-on-one lap snuggles.

“Juniper is truly the sweetest, snuggliest, more adoring kitten. She loves to play with the wand toy, curl up on my chest, and eat lots of yummy treats,” Emilie told us.

The little chatterbox is thriving alongside her sister and other foster friends. Soon, they will be ready for adoption and to find a place of their own.

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