Сat Stands Up Тo Greet Тhe Рerson Who Сhanged Нer Life Аlong With 2 Кittens

Every day, Christine the cat stands up to greet the person who changed her life along with her two kittens.

A stray cat, named Christine, and her two kittens were brought into the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in early October.

Christine was very protective of her babies from the start. She was anxious about the shelter environment, which wasn’t ideal for her to raise her kittens. Megyn (at Kitten Konnoisseur), a foster volunteer, was in the kitten nursery when she met the family of three.

“I could tell Christine was a bit nervous and knew the babies had the best chance of avoiding illness by getting into a foster home quickly. I decided to bring this family home,” Megyn told us.

As soon as Christine stepped out of her carrier, she checked out her new living arrangements and accepted pets from her foster mom. “She has always been friendly towards people. She’s adept at ensuring she puts herself between humans and her babies.”

The doting mama was very pleased with the quiet room, fresh, soft bedding, and plenty of food to chow on all day.

She watched over her kittens every step of the way, and made sure that they were safe, well fed, and kept immaculately clean.

When Megyn came into the room, Christine would greet her with the sweetest face rubs and leg hugs. She was mindful about how close Megyn was to her kittens, but over time, her worries slowly faded away.

“Christine is a very devoted and protective mama of her babies, Chip and Dale. It shows because these two are some perfect chonks. She is the absolute best mom for always being ready to protect her babies,” Megyn shared with us.

“Over the last week and a half, she has been allowing me closer and closer access to her babies. The boys are working on learning to walk and play, so they are starting to approach me more, which Christine is allowing.”

“I love that as protective as she is, the most she’s done is a protective growl, which is usually when she’s feeling a bit anxious if there’s quick movement or a loud sound.”

Christine has a beautiful temperament and an abundance of affection to give, to both human and feline kind.

“I appreciate that she investigates humans by loving up on them and will always want to sniff your face to really get your scent.”

After being in foster care for a couple of weeks, Christine has grown to enjoy Megyn’s presence around her kittens, and her inquisitive, playful nature is emerging.

“She loves to investigate everything I’m doing whether it’s cleaning litter or refilling her food bowls. I know she’s comfortable with me in her space when she’ll go over and nurse her babies with me present.”

Christine is truly reveling in her new life as an indoor cat knowing she will never have to worry about food and shelter. She is happy to be able to raise her kittens with the person she’s grown to love and trust.

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