This Сhonky Cat Is Going Viral For Standing Like A Рenguin

People seem to go to extreme lengths to grab some fame on social media, but this cat doesn’t even have to try to win over millions of hearts across the world. Sure, it’s partly because cats are what the internet has always needed and always will, but this chonker definitely knows how to stand out from the crowd. Literally. Meet the adorable Peggy The Penguin Kitty, who has become an internet star for standing upright and looking like a penguin. The cat’s parents are posting hilarious videos of Peggy doing her thing on TikTok and they instantly go viral with a few million views.

The cat’s owner told us about Peggy and her unique quality: “We’re not exactly sure how old she is, but our best guess is between 8-10 years old. We adopted her about 6 years ago and have been loving every minute. She started ‘penguining’ the first day we brought her home and has continued to do it every day since.”

Meet this chonky cat that seems to be part cat-part penguin when standing on two legs


The cat’s owner says she has been “penguining” from the day she was adopted 6 years ago



She seems very comfortable in her trademark pose and does it every day



When Peggy is not taking over the internet, she leads a pretty normal cat life

“After breakfast, Peggy sits outside on our patio (which I have cat-proofed) for some fresh air and bird watching. She also loves to nap in her many cardboard boxes, sleepy by the window, under our Christmas tree, or in her bed. In the evening time, Peggy loves to play with strings or any toys with a bell. She gets her daily brush after dinner and then follows me to bed.”


All people criticizing her extra curves should know that Peggy is now on a journey to a healthier life with a new exercise routine and a diet

The chonkier the cat―the more is there to love. And there’s a lot to love here, but people who are concerned about the cat’s weight can relax―Peggy is on her way to becoming a healthier version of herself and will still continue to bring smiles to people’s faces around the world with her adorable penguin pose.

“We also started a new routine of having Peggy run up and downstairs for some added exercise. We’ve had her on a diet for a few months now and are seeing some progress.”

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