Gorgeous Вengal Cat Watches Оver Her Five Grandkittens

Appearing in the 19th century in America, Bengal cat was the result of hybrids between domestic cats and Asian leopard cats (aka Prionailurus Bengalensis cats – hence the name). They have been recognized worldwide thanks to the impressive coat that make these felines look like a tiger–leopard mix. Of course, the Bengal cat is one of the most stunning and yes most expensive cat breeds in this world.

However, despite that fierce and wild appearance, Bengal cats can be warm and loving just like any other domestic cat out there. Meet Bella, a gorgeous Bengal cat in The Netherlands who always has a soft spot for her daughter Divine and her five cute grandkittens Prince, Infinity, Prisma, Knight and Blossom.

Right at the first meeting, their bond already blooms in a beautiful way. Even though they are not her own kids, Bella still looks so proud, her eyes literally glow with delight when she sees them. The cat carefully approaches her grandkittens, not sure whether she should interrupt Divine bonding with the newborns, but still wishes to be involved. The lovely cat then sniffs the kittens closely, wanting to get to know them.

Even though Bella can’t wait to snuggle with her grandkittens, she also doesn’t forget to encourage her daughter after the hard work. Such a sweet mama.

Watch their touching first meeting here:

When Divine is too tired of being a big mom and desperately needs some rest, Bella is also the one who helps with taking care of the kittens. She licks them lovingly, plays with them patiently, keeps her eyes on them affectionately. And even when babysitting five children at the same time is never an easy task, Bella always manages to do her job wonderfully somehow. She’s an amazing nana and also a natural trainer who obviously knows exactly what she’s doing all the time.

See how this incredible cat watches over her grandkittens:

Such a fascinating family, aren’t they? Please share their beguiling bond with your loved ones!

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