Griеving Мothеr Dog Lоst Аll Нer Рuрpies, Finds Comfоrt with Stuffеd Pets

Moms are always excellent whether they are humans or animals. There is always a special bond between any mom and her babies. But, losing a litter, can be destructing on the mamma.

And that what happens with a dog in Atlanta, she lost her litter, and she is suffering because of that. Kiah has found comfort in stuffed animals’ litter, but it was fake.

Cherokee County Humane Society found her wandering the streets. Vets learned that she was extremely pregnant, and they found some abuse’s signs as well, because of a shot by a monster.

The veterinarian had discovered that her pups were dead in her belly for many days, so he performed an emergency C-section to remove them to save her life.

The woman who is fostering Kiah, Caroline Claffey, said Kiah’s spirits are still low, but the toys make her feel better.

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