Wаtсh: Babу Was Аbоut to Fall Dоwn the Stаirs When Kittу Cаt Sаves Нim Using Its Tinу Рaws

Stop, Bebe, stop!

People usually think of dogs as guardians who would give their lives up to protect their human owners. Cats, on the other hand, are often known as being aloof and passive animals, but did you know that cats do have protective instincts too?

According to China Press, a cat saved a crawling baby from falling down a flight of stairs when the two of them were alone in the living room on 31st October at about 5am.

A video shows the baby, about less than a year old, crawling about in the living room. He is probably at the age where he can’t walk yet, so crawling is his only means of getting around.

The cat is seen perched on the sofa, watching the baby as he crawls around on the living room floor. The baby then quickly approaches a step leading towards the flight of stairs.

The cat takes action immediately, jumps off the sofa and runs to the baby. It harmlessly pounces on the baby and uses its tiny little paws to stop the baby from crawling further.

The baby was unfazed by the cats actions and just turned back towards the living room.

Here’s a photo of the flight of stairs that the baby was crawling towards:

And here a photo of the cute kitty cat:

It is not known why the baby was alone in the living room in the first place, but aiyo, so cute!

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