Тhese Вlind Сats Нave Аn Еxtraordinary Вond Аs Тhey Rely Оn Еach Оther In Еvery Way

Two blind cats have an extraordinary bond as they rely on each other in every way.

Last month, a pair of kittens came to a veterinary clinic, needing rescue. They were both blind, covered in fleas and had stomach troubles. Best Friends Felines, a cat rescue based in Brisbane, AU, was notified about the duo and didn’t hesitate to take them in.

“The clinic said the little colorpoint girl has microphthalmia (tiny malformed eyeballs) and the ginger girl has anophthalmia (no eyeballs),” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared with us.

The sisters immediately charmed and delighted volunteers with their sweet temperament and impeccable ability to navigate their new space.

“They have never missed the litter tray and are bright, happy and playful, and never stop purring when they hear you.”

Kerry, the foster mom, initially set up an enclosure for the duo so they could slowly map out the kitten room. To her surprise, the two quickly figured out their surroundings and at the end of the day, they had the run of the entire room.

The kittens were lovingly named Pearl (colorpoint) and Miley (ginger), who wears a constant smiley face.

“They immediately amazed me. There is nothing they cannot do,” Kerry shared. “They are 100% on point with their litter, and they have no problem finding their food and water. They play like normal kittens, and apparently, they are little dare devils.”

The kittens deciphered every part of the room and knew exactly where to go and where things were.

“I left the room to run some errands, and when I returned they were both sitting on top of the cat tree looking extremely pleased with themselves.”

Despite being completely blind, Pearl and Miley are fearless and inquisitive, and nothing seems to slow them down.

“To watch these babies playing with each other and navigating the room, you would not know they were blind if you didn’t see their faces. They are so amazing, and bring a smile to my face as I watch them,” Kerry said.

In the first week of foster care, Kerry noticed something extraordinary between the two. “One thing that I have been watching closely is how close these two girls are.”

“They are almost always together (often they are touching), and when one goes a little too far away, the other frets. This was made very clear when we were at the vet.”

The sisters arrived at the vet’s office in one carrier. When Kerry took Miley out to be examined, within two minutes, Pearl was frantically trying to break out to find her sister. Miley was also concerned that Pearl wasn’t next to her.

“As soon as I picked Pearl up out of the carrier and put her beside Miley, they both instantly settled down and sat beautifully for their examination. This confirmed what I had been thinking the whole week – these girls need to stay together.”

In over 15 years of fostering, Kerry has never seen a bond quite like this. “They rely on each other more than sighted kittens ever could, so they will definitely be kept together.”

Now that the two have recovered from their health issues, they are ready to check out the rest of the house.

“We have just started keeping the kitten room door open during the day now to give them the opportunity to start exploring outside the confines of their room. They haven’t ventured too far yet, but they are certainly curious.”

The kittens are obsessed with their cardboard scratchy toy and feather wands with bells attached. They are able to catch the wand toy with amazing accuracy which never fails to put their humans in awe.

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