Сat Whose Тongue Sticks Оut Рermanently, Finds А Family Тo Нelp Нer Аnd Еnds Up Сhoosing Тhem

A cat whose tongue sticks out permanently, found a family to help her and ended up choosing them.

Tortilla, a beautiful calico cat, was 13 years old when everything she’d known in her life was about to change. A couple of months ago, she was found in an apartment sadly after her owner had passed away.

Suddenly, she found herself in a kennel at a local shelter, awaiting rescue. Shelter staff reached out to the rescue community for help. The Odd Cat Sanctuary learned about her situation and stepped up to take her in.

“She was so sweet, purring, head-butting, and just wanted love,” Tara, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary, shared with us.

Right away, they noticed an endearing feature of Tortilla that captivated everyone’s heart. “Her tongue sticks out permanently. She’s believed to have been born this way. She is as cute as a button.”

The rescue quickly arranged for a foster family for Tortilla to ensure that she would thrive in a comfortable home-environment while they began the search for a forever home.

Tortilla explored around her new room and quickly came out of her shell. Before they knew it, the calico was rumbling with her loud purrs and kept the motor going all day long.

The sweet cat grew very fond of her foster mom and decided to tag along with her around the house, being the most dedicated supervisor. She would gaze at her foster mom with her signature tongue-out look while her purrs permeated throughout the room.

“She is loving, hysterical, quirky and playful. She enjoys snuggling and doing funny things to make her mom smile,” Tara told us.

Once Tortilla was ready to socialize with other fur friends, she quickly hit it off with the resident cats and a dog. She showered them with snuggles and purrs and was so happy to be in their company.

At 13 years young, Tortilla is still a kitten at heart. She commands attention by rolling on her back, pumping her paws in the air while blowing raspberries.

Every day, her foster family found themselves falling more and more in love with the sweet calico.

Tortilla came into foster care, hoping that the right home would come her way. As it turned out, she’d already found it.

Her foster family was enamored of her from the moment she walked out of her carrier. Her quirks, purrs, signature look and sweet temperament melted their hearts on day one.

They couldn’t part with the sweet calico and made her a permanent part of their family. Tortilla now has two feline sisters, a canine sibling and loving humans to share the rest of her life with.

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