Сat Is Оverjoyed Тo Вe Reunited With Кittens In А Сomfy Нouse Аfter Вeing Left Оutside In А Вox

A cat is overjoyed to be reunited with her kittens in a comfy house after being left outside in a box.

Late last month, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles was contacted about an abandoned cat with three newborn kittens desperately needing help.

“She was found in a box put at an apartment complex. Mama was a bit freaked out at first and went back and forth between the babies,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with us.

The outdoors was too overwhelming for the cat. She jumped out of the box and left her kittens inside unattended.

Volunteers waited for the mother to return but couldn’t see any sign of her. They set out a humane trap with food inside, then scooped up the kittens and took them to a bottle feeder.

The goal was to get the entire family into foster care, so the mother could raise her kittens in a safe, comfortable environment.

The following night, the rescuers successfully trapped the cat and brought her to be reunited with her trio. As soon as she heard the sound of her kittens, she came running to them and gave them each a bath, from head to tail.

“She is a wonderful mama cat, and loves rolling around next to the babies,” Alley Cat Rescue told us.

The cat mother settled beautifully into her foster home. She was pleased with all the amenities and an abundance of food.

“Many cats give birth outdoors and then struggle to find food for themselves and a safe place to raise the babies. It’s so important to get the mom, feral or stray, and stop the cycle (through spaying).”

The kittens quickly put on weight and even gained some major cattitude. At just a few days old, their sense of smell was strong enough to know that someone near was not their mom.

They would instinctively hiss and spit despite their eyes being closed and ears folded.

The trio were immediately on the move, when their eyes finally cracked open. They began waddling around the nest and trying to explore their surroundings, in perfect roly-poly fashion.

Their doting cat mother was nearby watching over them every step of the way. She would run to their cries and cater to their every whim.

The sweet mama can breathe a sigh of relief knowing her kittens are safe. She continues to roll around blissfully on the ground, scooting up to her kittens with head butts and child-like wonder.

“They are growing chunkier each day, and their mom has a mini-me that she is super proud of.”

Thanks to the timely rescue, the kittens are thriving with full bellies and undivided attention from their mom. In the next few weeks, their personalities will emerge and they will take over the foster room.

As for now, the three are busy eating, sleeping and piling on each other. Mama has become very fond of her foster family who makes sure that she’s loved.

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