Тhe Кitten Is Joyful Аs Нe Мakes Нis First Тries Аt Walking Аnd Running Оn Аll Four Legs

Red Rubiks has twisted rear legs from birth. He was brought to the animal rights group Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Montreal, Canada) a few weeks ago with his sister Boo, hoping for the best.

“Rubix’s rear legs were bent 180 degrees, so the feet were facing the exact other way. He moved with his rear legs and front paws,” claims animal rights advocate Celine Krom.

The infant with the malformed legs didn’t even appear to be aware of his condition. He simply wanted to play with feathers at the clinic. He was incredibly kind and approachable.

He is an attention seeker and always ready to play. It tries to catch everything that moves, and then attack with all its might. Nothing can stop him from having a good time.

To provide the boy with a better standard of living, the rescuers took him to an orthopedic specialist. It was decided that surgery to correct the position of the hind legs was the best option for the kitten.

“The sooner such an operation is done, the more likely it will work,” Celine says.

“As the kitten grows, the deformity will only get worse due to constant stress on the tendons. We want to give him every chance for a normal no pain and quality life that he deserves.”

Rubiks was able to get up on his paws and move alone around the room 24 hours following the surgery. He started walking with his paws in the proper place.

The fact that the red minke could move just like any other kitten made him very happy. With his newfound mobility, he attempted to squeeze into every nook. “The procedure altered his life.”

“Rubiks wore external fixators for several weeks and his legs have recovered remarkably well. It’s amazing to see the progress he’s made,” Celine says.

Rubiks has evolved into a curious fidget, hooligans about the house sometimes. He continued to participate in the games, making the most of his legs.

He enjoyed hanging around and cat fights. became close to the house cats of his caregivers and tried to capture their large, fluffy tails while they weren’t looking.

“Rubix is ​​sweet, affectionate and very playful. He loves to jump and run, this is new to him. He was lucky to have surgery at such a young age, when the chances of good results are great,” adds Celine.

Now the boy is 14 weeks old, and he is confidently moving towards a full recovery.

Despite going through a lot, Rubiks has maintained his positive attitude. He only needs to play and enjoy himself.

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