Тhe Сat Who Loves Тo Relax In Тhe Sink Нad Тhe Internet Going Сrazy

Although cats are known for detesting water, some of them really enjoy it, as the cat in the video below. The cat Cute Mimi enjoys washing more than anything else in the world, unlike her feline friends.

According to her owner – Miss Liao, Cute Mimi was a stray cat and was adopted by Liao when she was only three months. She spotted Mimi when she was buying goods at the farmers’ market.

She was concerned for Cute prior to bringing Mimi home. Mimi and Dudu, her dog, might not get along. Fortunately, they got along great and grew to be the best of friends.

Miss Liao never had any difficulties in bathing her as the cat really loves it. Mimi the cat is not even fussy when bathing. She just needs a sink and a large bowl to bathe in.

Video of her bathing in the sink quickly went viral after her owner posted it on YouTube. You can watch the videos here!

Check out the videos below!


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  1. do the twin kittens need to be adopted too? I am interested in Holly and these twins too please advise.

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