Pretty Stray Cat Gives Birth Under A Guy’s Bed

Paris Zarcilla often left the back door in his kitchen ajar, in the hot weather it helped to circulate fresh air around his house. Little did he know that this small act would completely change his life!

A very pregnant kitty had managed to sneak in, take up residence under his bed and swiftly give birth to four kittens.

At first he was overwhelmed by the situation but soon realized that this “stowaway” family was touching his heart. He readily admits that this brand new family brought tears to his eyes.

That was it! He was so smitten that he decided to keep all five of them.

But first things first, he had to find out if the mother cat belonged to another family, so a trip to the vet was necessary to see if she had been microchipped.

To his relief she wasn’t chipped, so now his transformation to 100% cat dad was complete.

So that was it, he named the mother Zarcilla (after himself!) and it was time to name all of the siblings. There’s Machiavelli aka Mac, mischief maker and destroyer of delicate things. Pancake aka Bijou, the purriest, furriest, serial snuggler.

There’s also Ronin, who is the champion of Paris’ heart. And last but no means least, Tomorrow aka Dobby, he’s slow to warm and is fiercely independent. This wonderful family that came into his life from under the bed have changed his life completely. “One whole year ago,” explains Paris.

“I caught a glimpse of the universe when 5 furry beings arrived under my bed. Life changed forever. They teach me daily, save me daily. I grow as they grow. Stronger, furrier, meowier. Happiest birthday my family. Long live the brood!”

What beautiful sentiments from a very lovely man.

Watch the video:

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