Rescued Kitten With Visual Disabilities Turns Into Handsome Boy After Five Years

When looking at this tiny kitten, do you find anything special about him? Yes, he is blind. But it is unfair for the kitten if you judge him by his appearance. Under a layer of shyness is a brave heart of a fighter. Five years ago, he was rescued by a kind woman in a bad condition. The vet recommended euthanizing him, but after all, the courageous soul survived and made an amazing transformation.

When the skinny kitten was found, he was scrying alone in hot weather without food or water. The woman took him to the vet, but he could help nothing. He said that the kitten got a fatal blind, and he was extremely malnourished. Therefore, it might be difficult for him to survive. Although the woman felt sad about the news, she didn’t give up. She would try even the slightest chance to help the kitten.

The rescuer took the tiny cat to her home and cared for him. Knowing his battle for life wasn’t easy, the woman always offered him emotional support. She didn’t expect too much until she saw the little boy’s condition was getting improved. He was a warrior with incredible inner strength. The kitten, gradually, grew up in the love and care of his rescuer. Also, his friends (Shimba and Harvey) liked him so much.

After a five-year period, the tiny and sick kitten turned into a beautiful and healthy boy. He is still quiet, but it’s when he uses the other senses to feel the surroundings. You might not believe that a kitten with visual disabilities is able to walk, eat, sleep and play like a normal cat. Whenever the woman looks at him, she understands the reason why she never leaves the cat to fight alone for his survival. He is such a strong-willed boy! Thanks to constant efforts, he is now living in peace and joy.

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