Pregnant Stray Cat Got Rescued From The Freezing Winter

Winter is always the most difficult time of the year for stray animals as they have no warm and safe place to hide from the freezing cold outside, not to mention they also need more food and are more vulnerable to the risks of different diseases. The stray tabby in this story was no exception. She desperately needed help when winter came, and thankfully she came across the right man.

The Flatbush Cats’ founder Will Zweigar spotted that timid kitty on a freezing winter morning and it’s not hard to realize that she was pregnant. Of course, he quickly took her in. The gorgeous cat was named Bella.

As Will mentioned in the video, this is a story about one of the most difficult yet least discussed topics among animal shelters and rescuers: spaying pregnant cats due to the overpopulation crisis. No animal lover would want to do that, but it must be done anyway. And if it hadn’t been for her rescuers, Bella would have faced the same situation, or even worse.

Bella was about 7 years old back then, almost old enough to be considered a senior cat. Old cats like her are also less likely to be adopted out. Based on her lovely personality in front of humans and her desire to be indoors, it’s not hard to tell she used to be a home cat before.

The poor girl already lost the majority of her teeth due to gum disease earlier in her life. Despite all the pain, she was still a happy purring machine who loved to stay with her humans a lot.

After resting several weeks, Bella finally regained her zest for life and managed to find herself a perfect home with two caring parents who loved her at first sight. The charming girl’s name was changed to Liquid Thunder and her life has been nothing but sweetness since then.

Watch the pawsome rescue here:

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