Rescue Сat Finally Gets A Нome and Repays His Мom With Hugs Every Day

Marmalade the cat had a very bad start in life.

He was a rescue cat deemed to be ‘feral’ and was adopted by a lady who lived on a farm and needed some barnyard kitties to help keep the mice population down.

However, he soon ran away from this life and installed himself under a caravan in the neighbouring farm where he lived by scavenging food, he was soon in a very poor condition.

He was found like this by a young lady who had taken a summer job on the farm.

She says “I know it’s sounds cliché but we found each other at a time when we needed each other, he was very scared of people and my co workers said that I would never get near him but day by day I built up his trust and we now have an amazing bond.”

It was then discovered that the owners of the farm did not like cats and warned that if she did not take Marmalade with her when she left that they would shoot him.

So she did just that! Now they live happily together and Marmalade is a very loving kitty who finally found his forever home.

And as you will see in the video, he LOVES to give hugs:

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