Girl Рretends To Faint And Нer Seven Cats Just Сouldn’t Care Less

Life is so much more interesting when you have one or a few cats wandering around your home, especially when you’re down and need a little dose of cuteness to warm your heart. Cats are incredibly amazing, they are natural healers who can make you feel a lot better just by existing.

Claire is a cat person at heart. The Korean girl is living with seven cats under the same roof and it’s safe to say her life is never boring. One of the funniest things that take place in her house is when the girl fakes a stroke to see how her beloved kittens would react. And to Clair’s surprise, none of them give a dang.

Many cat owners have performed this trick to test their dear cats, but Claire is absolutely one of the most creative ones as she bites an apple (which she also uses to grab their attention) and then pretends to faint like Snow White. She is eager to see whether her seven Dwarfs would panic or be scared, but unfortunately, all of them have let her down in the most hilarious way pawsible.

Some of the cats are curious at first, they approach Claire to see what’s going on. However, the care didn’t last long though. Later, one of them starts to chew her hair and refuses to let go, another takes a good nap right on the poor girl, another uses her foot as a pillow, while the rest are just too busy with their own stuff to bother.

Let’s take a peek at the amusing scene:

The fact that none of the cats falls for that trick is understandable, because actually dogs and cats can sense the differences in our behavior through the scent of chemical changes. So when it’s fake, of course it doesn’t work.

You can still try this fun idea with your cats at home, but keep in mind that even if their reaction is not what you expected, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. It only means they’re smarter than what we tend to think.

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