10+ Waуs Yоur Cat Sаys, “I Lоve You”

Life is simply not as fun without a cat. Just think, when was the last time your little fluffy amused you with their hunt for another fly, or how they suddenly began to complain when you returned home? They’re more than our beloved pets, they’re family members. And if they suddenly bite you after rubbing against your hand, don’t worry, they aren’t mad. Perhaps they were just going crazy with love!

We want to help you understand that your cat loves you. Just don’t forget to scratch your kitty’s belly to make sure it knows you love them too!

1. Don’t think that your cat accidentally touched your lips, they know where to aim to show their love.


2. Rubbing their head against yours isn’t a call to fight, it’s a sign of affection.


3. Your kitty squints its eyes while looking at you because your greatness blinds them.


4. Get a free massage for no reason from your kitten because they love you.


5. Cats also understand the idea of “follow me” and perform it perfectly.


6. They rush immediately to you after hearing, “I’m at home!” Of course, they’re hungry, but they also missed you terribly.


7. Your kitty cares about you and won’t let you starve. So be polite and take the mouse graciously.


8. Your pet is ready to get scratched by you. But no one else has the right to touch this fluffy belly.


9. Sleeping on your clothes is sweeter and it doesn’t matter how much time you need to remove all the fur after this.


10. Your cat sleeps with you since you’re a great pillow — and its beloved human, of course.


11. Licking your hands isn’t a way to teach you about hygiene. Your cat is trying to tell you about their tender feelings.


12. Bitting may hurt. But be strong and don’t worry, this happens due to an overabundance of loving feelings.


13. Don’t scold your cat if they prevent you from using your gadgets. Your kitty loves you and craves your attention.

How many signs of cat love have you recognized in your pet’s behavior? What other ways does your kitty let you know they love you? Write about your fluffy companion in the comments.

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