Cezаr, The Most Travеlled Cаt In The Wоrld, With 14 Cоuntries Undеr His Pаws

In summer 2015, my human slaves travel-bug started to itch, so she got a bike, packed down a sleeping bag and me (Cezar the travelling cat), and off we went on an epic bike-tour across Europe to escape the Scandinavian winter.

Starting from Sweden over to Denmark and Germany. Next was The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and then back to South of Spain.

It became a thing, travelling with a cat so a new mission was born.

Summer 2016 came along and we did some volunteering in Greece, France and Spain, and then to finally head over to new continents, America… We started off with a road-trip in the US, covering part of California, Nevada and Arizona. From there we went over to Cuba and then Colombia, where we spent Christmas and New Years Eve. In Greece, we met an El Salvadorian traveller, who invited us to visit her in her home country. So, of course, we couldn’t say no and we started out our 2017 to head over to El Salvador. We spent a few weeks exploring El Salvador to then head back to Colombia. It was still too early to head back to our home base Sweden, so we got to hang out in Medellin for a few months.

On our way back home we did a 2-week “detour” to Canada and manage to cover 5 provinces during our road-trip, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.

Altogether this adds up to 14 countries so far. So, in order to continue our mission to inspire others that you CAN travel with your furry-four-legged-loved once, we are planning to add at least 8 new countries on the list in the next few months.

Changed the bike-setup and biked part of Camino de Santiago – Spain 2015


Summer 2016 we volunteered in Greece, France and Spain – Crete, Greece 2016


Fall 2016 we changed continent from Europe to America – Grand Canyon, US 2016


From the US, we went to Cuba and then Colombia – Medellin, Colombia 2016-2017


Started off 2017 by visiting a friend in El Salvador – San Salvador 2017


On the way home, we did a detour to Canada and made a road-trip across 5 provinces – New Brunswick 2017


Back to our home base in Sweden to ‘regroup’ and plan our next adventure – 2017


Epic bike-tour across Europe – 2015

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