4 Orаnge Kittеns Fоund Оutsidе, Insist on Dоing Everуthing Togеther and Wоn’t Leаve Each Othеr

Four orange kittens insist on doing everything together and won’t leave each other’s side after being found outside.

A Good Samaritan from Oregon discovered a litter of kittens born to a feral cat a few weeks ago. When they were weaned, in need of a foster home, they were brought to Salem Friends of Felines, an animal rescue in Salem, Oregon, for a chance at a better life.

The four orange kittens are all boys (Drummer boy, Cupid, Tinsel, and Dancer) and nearly identical.

“I’ve already noticed a few differences so far — Tinsel is the lightest with the skinniest face and Drummer boy’s tail doesn’t go to a point, and it stops at a square,” Kayla, Foster Mom, shared with Love Meow.

After the kittens arrived at their foster home, they explored around their new digs as the cutest quartet. Once they settled in, they snuggled up in a pile together and purred in perfect harmony as they fell asleep.

The quadruplets shared an adorable bond from day one.

Over the next few days, Kayla noticed that the kittens would do almost everything as a cohesive clowder.

If one kitten decided to venture out of their comfy bed, the other three quickly followed suit. They played hard as a unit and never napped alone.

As soon as Kayla walks into the foster room, all four of them will swarm up to her and demand cuddles.

One by one, they will make their way up their foster mom until they comfortably settle into their desired snuggle spots.

Cupid and Dancer like to curl up as a pair in Kayla’s arms. Drummer boy is a parrot kitty and can fall asleep easily on a shoulder.

Tinsel prefers hanging out in Kayla’s jacket while being cuddled, so he can be extra close to his human.

Watch the four kittens in this cute video:

If one of the boys crawls onto a warm lap for a cuddle, the rest of them will quickly join in the fun.

“They do pretty much everything together and love to cuddle,” Kayla told Love Meow.

“Tinsel is an attention hog. If you aren’t giving him your undivided attention, he gets jealous. It’s adorable! He loves just hanging out in my jacket,” Kayla added.

“Drummer boy loves laying on my shoulders. He is in his happy place when he is there. Dancer and Cupid are always together.”

The feline brothers will never have to spend another day on the streets. They are now busy growing, copying each other and enjoying the cuddle-fest.

The kittens are loving their VIP life as indoor cats with all the good food to chow on, a large collection of toys to play with, and loving humans to cuddle on demand.

The tabby boys continue to occupy their human’s lap in tandem, whenever they get a chance.

Kayla finds herself with a full lap of happy, purring kittens, napping blissfully away on her for hours on end. It never fails to put a big smile on her face.

When the four brothers are big enough for adoption, they will look for their forever homes.

These little love-bugs shower their humans with cuddles every day, being their perfect leg and shoulder warmers.

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