Kitten with Тwisted Legs and Вear Ears Gets the Purr-fect Foster Parents

A tiny kitten with twisted front legs arrived at Friends for Life Rescue Network in Los Angeles for a chance at a better life. Meet Quill!

“She was born with contracted ligaments and tendons in both front wrists, causing her legs to twist,” explained founder of the rescue, Jacqueline DeAmor.

Mel and Zane Lamprey are foster volunteers of the rescue and they eagerly stepped up to help the tiny feline. They named her Quill and discovered was an instant cuddle-bug.

They started her on physical therapy straight away with the hope that would help to correct her legs. “Her wrists are warmed up with a heating pad. They are then massaged and stretched to relax the tendons and ligaments in hopes of re-aligning the growing bones,” explained Jacqueline.

Soon Quill will receive weekly splints which should further improve her range of motion. She’s a total champ with her physio and seemed completely unfazed by any challenges thrown at her, in her eyes she no different to any other kitten.

This chocolate-colored ball of fur has become an expert at getting plenty of cuddles from her foster parents. “She’s silly, curious, sweet, and a foster daddy’s girl. She has him wrapped around her tiny fingers,” Mel told Love Meow. “Foster dad always swoops in like the hero after a (physical therapy) session and cuddles her.”

Quill spends most of her time on her foster dad’s neck, it’s become her favorite place, but she also loves to play and explore, just like other kitten.

But her favorite cuddle time is after her evening meal, which is usually done “purrito style,” before long she is purring herself to sleep in their arms.

Mel and Zane have an older foster named Chester, whom they nursed back to health from a rough beginning so he probably has an understanding of what Quill is going through. “He walked right up and sat next to her like they were best friends,” said Mel. The two of them had an instant bond, they knew exactly what each other needed.

Chester has taken the role as Quill’s big brother and she loves the time she spends with him. He loves to groom her and is attentive to her needs. Watch the video:

Quill weighed just 12 ounces when she first arrived at her foster home. Now she’s blossomed into a full-time cuddle-bug with an awesome personality. With the help of Mel, Zane and Chester, this cuddly kitten has been brought back from the brink and hopefully has a long life ahead of her.

You can see more of Quill on Instagram

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