Straу Cat Сarries Her Sick Kitten to the Нospital and the Мedics Rush to Help

Hospital patients and staff members in Istanbul, Turkey witnessed a display of motherly love after a stray cat arrived with her sick kitten in an obvious plea for help. Pictures of the sweet incident made it online and has since gone viral among netizens.

The images showed the hospital staff gathered around the mama cat. Apparently, another patient, who was waiting at the hospital’s emergency room, took the photos.

In his Twitter post, a patient named Merve Özcan shared the photos with a Turkish caption which translates to, “Today we were in the emergency room of the hospital, a cat rushed to bring her offspring in her mouth.”

Reports tell us that while the doctors tended to the kitten, the mother cat stayed vigilant below their feet. Some staff even fed the mother cat to help her relax.

The reports did not reveal what eventually happened to the kitten but the doctors at the hospital apparently sorted out the problem and handed the two felines over to a local veterinarian who confirmed they are now doing well.

The story later made it to Reddit as a user who claimed to be part of the hospital team posted about it. The Redditor confirmed what Özcan said, also telling the online community that the “kitten is fine and healthy right now.”

This news received a lot of reactions from the online community, ranging from regular praise to awe.

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