Guy Doesn’t Even Оwn A Cat, Ends Up Finding 5 In Нis Room, Posts A 2-Year Update On Тhe Cat Family

Some of you may remember a story we did two years ago about a guy who stumbled upon a stray cat that had managed to sneak into his apartment only to give birth to four adorable kittens.

Well, he decided to keep all of them and has been giving regular updates on how things are with the lovely 5-piece kitty family, with one of the more significant updates being their 2-year birthday together several months ago, giving a happy-ever-after bit of news to an already wholesome story.

You might remember a story about a guy who found a cat (not his) who snuck into his home to give birth

To those unaware, over two years ago, London-based film director and writer Paris Zarcilla walked into his room to find a cat—mind you, not his—who managed to give birth to four kittens. And to think all he wanted was to just grab a jumper and go run some errands. Well, that didn’t happen.

Instead, he canceled everything and started tending to the new happy family, assuming the role of cat dad. After consulting cat protection, vets, and charities, he gave a short introduction to all of the cats on Twitter and that was the start of an exciting new adventure for everyone involved. He didn’t intend on owning cats, but here he is. Owning cats.

Well, this is them a couple of years later, celebrating their two-year anniversary as a lovely family


For those unaware, in 2018 Paris Zarcilla walked into his room to find a stray mama cat who’d birthed 4 kittens

Throughout the years, he has been posting various pictures and updates on his Twitter, detailing life with the pawmily of 5. And, last May, he came out with a tweet celebrating their two-year birthday, which served as somewhat of a grand update on how happy the happily-ever-after is. And it’s not ending here!

“Happy Birthday my fam. I love you more than you’ll ever know. You’ve brought so much light to my life. You have me forever. X #Caturday #TwoYears,” read the tweet.

Throughout his entire Twitter account, the cats are seen hanging around on the window sill, sleeping, sniffing about (food and other things), being curious, box fun, among many other cute, hilarious and exciting cat things. When you have five cats, activities for them are numerous.

He ended up giving the entire cat family a forever home and posting regular updates


One of the bigger updates was their two-year birthday last May and their Christmas together a month ago

Now, Paris was already overwhelmed with emotion and the excitement of becoming a cat dad, but it got better: people started donating food, equipment, books, and other things to help him out with taking care of the cats—“[I] find myself in a stage of awe at the generosity and kindness of strangers,” he said in one of this tweets.

There was a GoFundMe campaign launched to help out with the cause, but it was soon stopped because of people being hella generous with their donations—they gave more than enough, exceeding all expectations. Best of all, it seems like the cats appreciated the shipping boxes the most. You know, cuz cats.

Needless to say, the pawmily has grown a lot since Paris’ first adventure with them


Meet the entire family, one by one, at the time of the birth and adoption




You can check out the entire origin story thread on Twitter, and just follow the life of the lovely cat family because it seems the cats have commandeered what you’d expect to be Paris’ filmmaking Twitter account. Paris also has his own professional website, so you can peep it as well.

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