Stray Cat Тries Hard To Grab The Аttention Of Рasserby

Despite that cold manner, cats are natural love bugs who crave attention time and time again. They may be arrogant and aloof somehow, but they can do literally everything for just a short petting session. Isn’t it strange?

Such emotional needs of domestic cats can be fulfilled quite easily because they have their dear owners to befriend and hang out with. On contrary, stray cats and feral cats don’t always get what they long for because they simply don’t belong to anyone and nobody thinks they are responsible for these pitiful creatures. However, wandering on the streets doesn’t mean they don’t need to be loved.

This hilarious stray kitty in Turkey is a cute example of street cats who desperately want attention. The playful boy has his own way to express his needs. Some time he meows at the passerby, sometimes he grabs their belongings, but most of the time, he attacks them furiously.

The smart cat even moves to a new spot once in a while to find new pedestrians. Maybe it’s how he improves his strategy, he clearly wants to approach as many hoomans as pawsible.

Let’s see how this courageous and determined boy deals with his targets:

Even though the fussy feline often acts like a real jerk, it’s obviously a sign that he is lonely and wretchedly wants a companion. He just needs a hooman to notice him, pet him, play with him. It would be lovely if someone stops to stroke the humorous cat.

According to a local, this funny cat is really well-known in the area that some people even try to use another road to avoid him. But don’t worry, the kitty is still doing great as this country is full of stray cats and they are treated like kings and queens. If you have the chance to visit Istanbul one day, make sure to stop by to pet them for a while.

But first things first, please share the weird yet delightful performances of this sassy cat with your friends and family.

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