Сouple Gets A Cat, And As He Gets Older, Нis Eyes Change Into Round, Оrange, Horror-Like Eyes

One Twitter user recently shared a photo of their black cat with unique eyes. “Every single day I have to gaze upon this eldritch horror,” the caption says about a cat named Gremlin whose black fur, protruding tongue, and round, orange eyes are reminiscent of cats seen in horror movies. With his unique look, Gremlin could certainly be a living symbol of Halloween.

His owners say that when they got him, they didn’t expect him to have these unique eyes. His eyes only changed when he grew older. “We got Gremlin a little while after moving to Melbourne from Sydney (Australia). He will be 2 years old in December! We had no idea his eyes would be this colour because we got him when he was little and his eyes were much paler as most cats are born with blue eyes! You can see early pictures of him on the Instagram page—his eyes got much brighter as he’s grown up. We jokingly call Gremlin our son, haha. We love him very much,” says Gremlin’s owner to us.

Gremlin loves to keep his owners company while they work and actually helped them to endure the quarantine. “I am a musician and he sits with me while I teach and write songs. My partner is an indie game developer and Gremlin sits in his studio and keeps him company while he codes and makes his games. He has really kept us sane during lockdown in Melbourne. It’s pretty much impossible to not smile when you see him come into the room.”

A Twitter user shared a pic of their cat with unique eyes


When he was younger, his eyes were much paler


They changed when he got older



Now Gremlin is a grown-up cat who loves to make funny expressions










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